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Covid19 control measures

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Following a rapid increase in Covid19 levels in staff and pupils, we have been advised by Public Health to increase our control measures in school and pre-school for at least 14 days.


This will include:

*reduction of class groups mixing as much as possible

*warn and inform letter sent to parents

*classes with high levels of Covid19 recommended to take daily LFD

*social distancing recommended where possible

*all indoor sports to be fully ventilated

*after school sports club to take place outside

*parental attendance reduced – please do not enter the school/pre-school building


We will review the control measures at the end of this week in line with identified cases.

Please remember if you or your child have any symptoms of Covid19, please do not attend school/pre-school and book a PCR test.


Thank you for your understanding.

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