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For reasons of security and to promote a strong school identity that supports high standards and a sense of community among pupils, Milford Infants’ School requires pupils to wear its school uniform. 

The school colours are maroon and grey and the uniform comprises:

Maroon sweatshirt, pullover or cardigan

Grey trousers

Grey skirt or pinafore dress

White shirt or white polo shirt

Maroon and gold school tie (optional)

Dark Shoes, preferably black (not trainers)

PE Kit:  any T-shirt or shorts may be worn, and plimsolls should be provided.  Please provide a tracksuit or jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt top for outside PE in Winter months.


This can be purchased at Schoolwear & More of 10 Wine Street, Yeovil.


The school does not insist that items carrying the school badge are worn, and plain sweatshirts, pullovers or cardigans in a suitable shade of maroon may be purchased on the high street if parents wish.


Uniformity also applies to general appearance. Hairstyles should not be attention seeking such as closely shaven heads, sculpted motifs, tram lines, names in hair, mohicans, excessive use of accessories, hair braids or extensions. For tidy presentation and health and safety purposes long hair should always be tied up and away from eyes.


Jewellery is not permitted with the exception of small studs for pierced ears. Watches may be worn but are the child’s responsibility and the school will not take responsibility for loss or damage.


We do not consider it appropriate for any child at school to be wearing make-up including nail varnish.


Children are encouraged to try to dress themselves, so clothing that is easily managed is recommended.


All clothing should be clearly marked with your child's name please.



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