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Week beg Monday 4th May

Our Home Learning Packs are in the format of a timetable of activities. This will be similar to the day the teachers and children who are still attending school will be following. 

This timetable is just a guideline. You could follow the timetable or you could take activities from each day and create your own timetable. You do not need to complete all of the activities each day, although we suggest you try and do a Literacy, Maths and topic activity each day if possible.


Online resources - BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy are also available and match the National Curriculum. BBC Bitesize is available on the red button on digital televisions as well as the Internet. Please search 'Bitesize Daily' on iPlayer/red button.

VE Day Tea Party at Home

Victory in Europe Day/VE Day took place on May 8th 1945, 75 years ago this Friday. It was a public holiday and day of celebration to mark the defeat of Germany in the Second World War.

We had planned to have a street party on Thursday to mark this celebration. We would like to invite families at home to have their own tea party as a family, or for the children set one up with their toys. Decorate your home with VE day bunting or colouring pictures.

We would love to see you all and how you are marking this special day. Please send photographs of your celebrations to your class email addresses or post them in our Facebook event.

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